SDY Prize Winners

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sdy prize

The SDY prize supports students who wish to do fieldwork in the course of their research. The award will help fund the costs of travelling, accommodation and living expenses. Applicants should have the proposed research project endorsed by their higher degree supervisor/s and be able to demonstrate how it is relevant to the field of study. The potential for benefits to the community or profession is also taken into account.

A Romanian-Jewish immigrant struggles to adapt to American life, but when a friend is murdered, he finds himself inhabited by a dybbuk in this gripping novel. A masterful combination of fantasy, mystery, LGBTQ romance and historical fiction by the winner of the Sydney Taylor Book Award.

The dybbuk, a mythical creature from Slavic folklore that can possess and control people, is the central figure in this riveting novel, which blends fantasy, mystery, LGBTQ romance and history. The story takes place in the late 19th century at the Chicago World’s Fair, when a dybbuk escapes into a mansion where a wealthy woman entertains guests.

A new technique allows scientists to measure the movement of atoms in a material without the need for sophisticated instruments. This discovery has the potential to open up many different fields of science and industry. The findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.

SDU is one of the top 20 universities in the world for sustainability research, according to Green Metrics’ ranking 2021. The university is particularly strong in research within green energy, green infrastructure and sustainable urban development.

SDY, which invests in dividend aristocrats, is often compared to its larger rival SPY, which tracks the performance of large-cap US stocks. However, there are some differences in strategy and market capitalization that influence the risk-return trade-off investors need to consider.

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