The Sidney Prize

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sidney prize

The Sidney Prize is a literary award recognizing authors who write about the South. It is given every month, and it is based on the quality of work that has been published in an American newspaper, magazine, or blog. Applicants for the prize must submit an original piece of fiction of at least three thousand words.

The award was created in honor of the late Neilma Gantner, who was a poet and prolific writer. It is open to writers at any stage of their career. A judge will choose eight stories out of over 500 entries. Those chosen will receive a $500 honorarium and a certificate designed by Edward Sorel.

In addition to the Sidney Prize, the Foundation also awards a number of other prizes. These include the Heather Dawn Reynolds Equity Award, which recognizes a writer who has done excellent research on diversity in the medical field.

Another competition held by the Foundation is the Overland Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize. This competition was started in memory of the late Neilma Gantner, and it is supported by the Malcolm Robertson Foundation. Applicants for the Neilma Sidney Prize must write an original short story of at least three thousand words. Those selected will have their story published in Overland’s fall 2021 issue. All applicants are welcome to enter the competition, and can do so at a discounted rate.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation has been recognizing outstanding journalists and public figures since 1950. They are accepting entry forms from individuals and organizations. They offer complete instructions for submitting an application. Applicants must submit their entry by the deadline, which is the last day of the month.

Each year, the Sidney Prize offers several additional prizes. The Thomas Robinson Prize for Southern Literature was first awarded in 2012. Prior to that, it was known as the Sidney Lanier Prize. This prize honors a writer who has written about the South for a long period of time, and whose writing extends the scope of writing about the South.

As part of their commitment to promoting social justice, the Sidney Prize awards a number of other prizes, including the Heather Dawn Reynolds Equity Award. Those who are chosen to receive this award will have their story published in an Overland journal, and they will receive a certificate.

Other prizes offered by the Sidney Prize are the Sidney Cox Prize and the Milton and Anne Sidney Prize. These awards were created by former students of Sidney Cox, who have been named honorary chairman and honorary vice chairman of the foundation. There is also a special prize that is awarded each year to an investigative reporter.

The Sidney Prize is a great honor for a journalist or author. With a $500 honorarium and a special subscription rate, there is no better way to reward a journalist’s hard work. If you are a writer who has covered social issues honestly and eloquently, then the Sidney Prize is the perfect fit for you.

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